Thursday, June 25, 2009

-hold on to your wigs and keyssssssssssss!

thanks for all of your awesome emails! i've selected my engaged couple and will be making out with them next week. however, i can't let the rest of you go so easily. if you'd like your pictures taken too, i'll do them for $100 through the end of July.

what does that include?
-you and me in a field- or your choice- for about 90 minutes
-i'll take about 200 pictures
-i'll edit 25 of my favorite and send them to you in jpeg form
-you'll get pictures done before i really figure out my prices
-we'll become friends

somethings you can't really put a price on but through careful consideration, i feel you're getting a major deal.
let me know....................
ps- coming soon: bridal's with joellen and maternity with jessica


  1. Hey I'd pay $100 to spend 90 minutes with you in the field of my choice--here in Kennewick, of course. Then we can become friends.

  2. thanks dad. how about $700 to fly me home in august? then we'll really be friends.

  3. I saw the link to your blog on JoEllen's facebook page. Great pics! It also goes to show we have quite a few beautiful women in our ward!