Tuesday, July 10, 2012

-little sis

no time for photography. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

-the reason for my absence

i finally had my baby girl.
here's a couple of shots from this weekend.  
we're so in love.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

-meet the deals. i just did.

kinda fun to shoot a non referral family. kelly's a fan of my blog.
that's such an interesting way to meet people.
anyways- here they are- this gorgeous family.
i had no idea what they looked like prior to the shoot and as i stood on a street corner in prescott, az waiting for them, i had my fingers crossed TIGHTLY!
what a pleasant surprise it was to see that tall drink of water with his cute blonde wife and perfect little man walking down the sidewalk straight towards me.
and the best part- they were SO low key.
no fussin'. no fightin'.
this was their first family shoot and they were up for everything.
what a perfect way to end my az weekend. xox

-nice people are winners

i love this family.
britt has been such a huge support to me through my blogging/photographing adventures. she makes me excited to just do what i do. and i really love her for it.
it was fun planning this family shoot in prescott, az.
she'd text me pictures of what the family was going to wear and we'd both get excited all over again.
i appreciate her enthusiasm and energy.
she deserves that cute little family of hers. :)

-fall preview

what a fun trip.
i went to az in october to see and photograph friends.
it was a busy week- i crammed in a month's worth of shoots in 3 days. oy!
here's a sample:

-the other Lewis family

another lewis family moved in across the street.
and all of my dreams came true.
i absolutely love suzanne and her family.

-the bishop boys

with my most recent move to south carolina, i've found myself surrounded by really great neighbors. what a relief. my kids absolutely love to play outside with the "big boys". another amazing thing- most of the mommas like to hang out on their front porches to watch the kids play. it's a dream.
here's luke and ryan.
some of our favorite new friends.