Wednesday, May 19, 2010

-dave & chandelle

i shot my first wedding.
and with my trusty sidekick, jose de orta, i think i pulled it off.
there were SO many pictures to choose from and this is just a small sample of the loveliness.
when we figure it out, i'll post pictures from the fun booth we set up at the reception.
it was way more fun than my own wedding.
thanks for your patience while i figure this all out.

to see the entire collection or to place an order, click here


  1. These look great and how fun with the wedding party waiting for the bathroom. We may need to steal that someday when Steve makes use of the ringing that sits on my office credenza all damn day long. Oh, what were we talking about? Right.

    Great job Lewis. Great job.

  2. I look mad in every picture. Oops! I was smiling on the inside :) time I'll make sure to have a humongous grin!


  3. awesome Hev! You're doing my wedding when I get married to myself in a few years!

  4. Um, uh, is Jennifer Anniston one of the bridesmaids? Cool