Thursday, October 29, 2009

-deer valley airport

And the list will go on and on......
i will probably be editing this shoot for a couple of weeks.
just wanted to give you a taste.

ERICK LAZO- 360 photography. Thanks for coordinating this shoot. You are an amazing photographer and I really appreciate the invitation to be a part of your shoot. If it weren't for your hard work and kindness, this would not have happened. A million thanks.

DOLCE SALON AND SPA- kelli, bernadette and noah- hair. olunife- make up
PHIL GOMEZ- stylist. yes, he did put my little brother in liquid leggings
MARY FARAG- Tre-Chic jewelry. click here for more
RICKIE GONZALES- VMarie Fashion Designer
ED CHAUZA- president of the deer valley airport
MODELS- priscilla hubbard, david mccain, leah kizis, samantha magazu, aspen sasso, gabriela rosales, gino pecora, kyla and spencer
EXTRA CREDIT- beau becerra- styling and edwin lazo- photo assist


  1. I want to have my picture taken on top of an airplane! Especially if it's going to make me look like that!

  2. Yee-ow-sah! Fantastic. Sure would like to know the background story to this shoot. Seems like a lot of work with some really beautiful people and settings. Good luck with whatever it was. I think you have the gift.

  3. Beautiful Heather; stunning. ~Rae

  4. I recognized Rickie's designs RIGHT AWAY!! He has such a distinct style and I LOVE it! xxooxx