Monday, October 5, 2009

-phoenix fashion week 2009

thanks to and a major dream coming true-
i was giving all access to shoot at PFW.
it wasn't great. it was awesome.

the first lesson i learned about shooting runway was how to work around gel-fest 2009.
are you kidding me?
the one guy standing in front of me had a love jones for aaron carter '05.
i think i made it work but not without a lot of dippity doo jokes with fellow photographers trying to make our way through the spikey thicket.

for more shots by real professionals-
check out


  1. That gelled hair really makes me uncomfortable. I want to wash his head. Scratch that. I want HIM to wash his own darn head. Ick.

  2. oooo...take down the one of me in the purple dress! I look fat!